We offer a service of reproduction of key minute for your simple keys and points on Menton. To remake your keys, nothing could be easier at the best price!

A service for the engraving of mailbox plates, business plates, as well as medals for animals is available in our DIY stores in Menton and Carnoles.

Depending on whether you want to use your plates indoors or outdoors, you can choose between several quality materials such as Plexiglass or Formatour.

                    • Engraving plate for mailboxes
                    • Engraving professional plates
                    • Engraving medals for animals

We also offer a wide range of personalizedst amps for companies and individuals. Under the brand TRODAT. You can recommend in store only your stamp or your ink. Available within 3 days in stores in Menton and Carnoles.

You have a problem with a product purchased from us? For most products, they are under warranty and we make an immediate exchange on presentation of the receipt in store.

Regarding household appliances, depending on the brand, if the product is repairable, we make a request to the brand that sends you a pre-paid package to send your product for repair in their approved center.

After-sales service is provided upon presentation of the store receipt.

UPS Relay


We offer the possibility of ordering 30,000 additional product references to our in-store availability.
In the world of DIY, Decoration, Household goods but also small appliances, tableware (Catalog available 2 times a year)

In all stores, once the order is made it takes between 4 and 10 days, depending on the supplier (if product available).

Order only in store for the moment.


Need to be delivered? To be delivered at home or on a construction site without having to move, we deliver as soon as possible!

Needhelp? We help you load your car, truck or hand truck at no extra charge!

Needequipment? We can lend you a market stroller, a hand truck or a cart to make transporting your purchases easier!

Don't hesitate to ask at the checkout when you make a purchase!


We offer you a rental service for small electroportable tools.

Your jigsaw has broken down and you don't want to buy a new one?

In your second home, you need a grinder for a few hours?

In the middle of moving, you can't find your screwdriver to assemble your furniture?

We are here to help you!

To better respond to your requests, we are in partnership with craftsmen and handymen.
Need an emergency ? Need an estimate for future work? Just need some help with DIY? We can recommend quality local professionals with whom we work.

Don't hesitate to ask us in store!

Custom Carpet & Rugs